Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Tramezzini Tramezzini Tramezzini

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Trame Trame what's that ?

"Something in between " in Italian.

Soul Kitchen offers Tramezzini, grilled sandwitches with filling and sauce of your choice.
From salami to portobello mushroom , just to name a few, coupled with roasted balsamic garlic sauce , sweet onion or mustard to choose from.

We make sandwitches like no one else does.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Pasta Weekend Special

Any pasta of your choice + tiramisu or clam soup.

Special of the Day - a request from Richard, the owner of Old Penang Guest house on Love Lane - Spaghetti Vongole. We got really good feedback on the this pasta dish.

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Hot and sunny !

Saturday, 19 June 2010

The first weekend of opening

Tonio decided to test market with his grandfather's dessert recipe - The Tiramisu. We ran a promotion called Dessert Attack !!
And it sure went down very well with the locals as well as the foreigners.

Sunny weather.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Pay As You Like

In our first week, we've decided to use a new technique with our first customers.
First styled by Radiohead for fans dowloading their online album. It was further used by non-profit restaurants and now high-class NY's PAY WHAT YOU FEEL!

If you enjoyed the service, food and atmosphere you can pay the menu price..if you feel that you can't pay or would prefer to pay less, that's ok too.

We've found that though it's usual to pay the menu price, our customers are a little more free with verbal feedback and compliments or suggestions..
I suppose in reality it's more a vehicle for better communication with customers..

And so far, we've found it has had a positive effect!

Opening Day!!

Soul Kitchen has softly slid open its shutters..and opened for business!

On Tuesday, we opened our doors to the a word-of-mouth only, soft opening..the grill was fired up and the plates polished for our first customers early in the morning..although, 10am opening is not so early! A lovely couple of Holland landed our first Tonio's breakfast, which now seems to be a favorite.

During the day, we had a small stream of couples grace our small space. Tramezzini although impossible to say five times quickly is a sure favorite..meats, tomatoes, cheese and a mouth watering sauce of your choice..mmm-mmm..

It's been slightly humid here, raining often with brilliant thunderstorms. But as usual life on the island is nice!

Last Minute Frills..

Late in the night behind red shutters in the dark of the night..three little workers in a kitchen were working up a fright!

With just one night before opening the doors to the public..we were busy scrubbing down the facade, fixing the new sign..polishing mirrors..preparing sauces..arranging seating..plants. Hauling, lifting, , shopping, mopping and chopping up a storm in this small kitchen!

Finally, we'll be ready for tomorrow. With a delicious menu, fresh produce and a really sweet little atmosphere, we hope our first customers will be happy!

Introducing...the newest soul sista

Tabitha is our newest addition to the Soul Kitchen family..she hails from the shores of Australia, half Australian half Malaysian and a whole lot of soulshine!

I knew Tab's father in Australia and her younger brother Josh has been a great help and good company during the Love Bus explosion in Penang!

It seems we are now a permanent fixture on the Love Bus 'trail', with the occasional traveller dropping in with a message from the Love Bus in other parts of Malaysia..

We hope to see more of them around in the future..